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PostHeaderIcon GPRS based Automatic Announcement at all MMTS stations

Got Vexed waiting for MMTS trains at stations? Myself decided not at all to travel in MMTS trains again when I have to catch long distance trains.

Let me share a bitter experience of mine. A couple of weeks back I had to travel from Lingampally to Secunderabad to catch Rajdhani Express. I stood with my huge luggage at the station for half an hour yet there was no announcement .I had waited for next 10 min. Then an announcement stating that train would be 30 mins late. You know there was no proper announcement of delay in train.

I had left with only 1hr of my time to reach destination. No second thought to wait for the train. Immediately I booked a cab and reached my destination on time.

Hope many of you might have the same experience travelling in MMTS train.

Get Relaxed..! A good energy boost to all MMTS passengers. Railways have come up with a new thought of introducing GPRS Automatic Announcement in all trains between Lingampally -Secunderabad-Falaknuma and between BMT-Hyderabad Stations where Borabanda is excluded.

The trail version of GPRS Based Automatic announcement had been launched at Hitech City Station on 3rd October 2013 successfully and it was live on 7th October 2013 between these stations.

A good thing here is that Automatic announcements will be made 2 stations before the actual arrival of train. The catchy is that scrolling of live display gives the information of all MMTS train positions.

MMTS traveler group has also requested the MMTS authorities to provide the following services in addition to the GPRS announcement. These are really essential for people who wait for MMTS trains. It would be really good if the MMTS officials consider the following requests:

  1. Separate announcement should be made for Matruboomi Trains indicating that front 5 coaches will be for Ladies and the rest for General Coaches.
  2. To help passengers track the movement of link train of desired train,GPRS data will be synchronized with Railways’s NTES (
  3. Also to know train running status SMS based facility provided.