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PostHeaderIcon Live Tracking for MMTS trains

Most of the MMTS Passengers complain about the delay in MMTS trains and even they can’t be able to enquire about the delay due to heavy rush at the counters.

South Central Railway has set up something new for MMTS Passengers. Its nothing but LED Passenger Information display systems on platforms at all MMTS stations. The system is based on GPS/GPRS live tracking which lets you know about the location of MMTS train so that you can  plan accordingly.

Now you need not go to the Enquiry Counter to know whether your train has left or arrived and on which platform and blahblah…

Presently there are 215 high-definition LED monitors installed on 69 platforms in 26 MMTS stations.

According to SCR, on an average there are around 121 MMTS trains and around 1.5 lakh people travel in these trains daily. Isn’t the figure exciting?

Let us see how the live tracking system works.

A module is inserted in the motor car of each MMTS train and this device encrypts the details such as train number, route and current location etc and transmits to main server. The server sends the information to local server on each platform and which is then send to display systems on the platforms.

These display monitors displays the current location of 3 running trains that are to be arrived or departure from particular station .This information can be seen in three languages Telugu, Hindi, English between 4am to 11:59 pm daily.

Also the auto announcements for MMTS trains are given  5 minutes before and again 2 minutes before the arrival of the train for alerting the passengers.

This helps the passengers to track the status on real-time basis without any confusion.