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PostHeaderIcon 22 Dussera / Diwali Special Trains 2014

22 Special Trains for Dussera and Diwali 2014

SCR announced 22 special trains to clear extra rush in the festive season Diwali and Dussera. These special trains run between Pune-Bhubaneshwar via Secunderabad, Vijayawada.
Train No. 02881 Pune-Bhubaneshwar Weekly Premium Special Train will depart Pune at 11:15 am from 23rd September to 2nd December, 2014 on Tuesdays and depart Secunderabad at 10:15 pm, depart Vijayawada at 04:15 am and arrive Bhubaneshwar at 05:35 pm on the next day.

In the opposite direction, Train No. 02882 Bhubaneshwar-Pune Weekly Premium Special Train will depart Bhubaneshwar at 10:15 pm from 21st September to 30th November, 2014 on Sundays and depart Vijayawada at 11:00 am, depart Secunderabad at 04:20 pm and arrive Pune at 05:00 am on the next day.

Enroute, these Weekly Premium Special Trains will stop at Wadi, Secunderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Brahmapur stations in both the directions. These trains will have 15 coaches viz, one AC II Tier, one AC III Tier, ten Sleeper class, one Pantry Car and two Second Class Luggage cum Brake Van coaches.

PostHeaderIcon MMTS Train Timings Updated on 04-Sept-2014

Today we have updated mmts train timings in our database. All the train timings that you see at are up to date.

We have also updated timings in our mmts android app

Download mmts android app and get latest train timings on the go. You can track your train live status using this App. Hope you like it.

Happy local Journey..!

PostHeaderIcon MMTS Live Tracking – Current position of your MMTS Train

MMTS Live Tracking – Current position of your MMTS Train

We normally plan our journey by looking at the train time table. But it is fact that many of the trains never run on time and most of the time we miss our connecting train or could not reach office on time. What if we know the current position of the train for which we are waiting? Awesome , it helps us to plan ahead and we can find alternatives to reach our destination on time.

Mainly in Hyderabad and secunderabad, most of our local mmts train never run on time because of the fact that we don’t have separate track for our local trains. MMTS train sharing the same track being used by regular long distance trains and hence local trains are getting less priority if both the trains moving along with same schedule in the city.

MMTS Hyderabad Android App

MMTS Hyderabad Android App - Live Tracking

To know your mmts train current location use  Hyderabad MMTS Timings Android App

Anyway we got awesome android app which tells our the current running trains and their location in our android mobile. One can track their train current location using this mmts train timings android App

When you select your source and destination stations on app home page, it will show the trains running between the stations and their current position.

mmts android app

Home page of MMTS Train Timings Android App

Select Source and destination mmts stations

Select Source and destination mmts stations

Live running status of MMTS Trains

Live running status of MMTS Trains and current location

Nearest MMTS Station from your current location.

Nearest MMTS Station from your current location.

This App helps to know the nearest mmts station from your current location and show the exact distance from your current location.

PostHeaderIcon 8 MMTS Special Trains on 8th and 9th of Sept 2014 for Ganesh Nimarjanam

Vinayaka chavithi Special MMTS Trains 2014 -  8 MMTS Special Trains on 8th and 9th of Sept 2014 for Ganesh Nimarjanam

SCR has announced 8 MMTS Special Trains on the eve of Ganesh Nimarjanam. Keeping in view of traffic restrictions in the city due to Ganesh Nimarganam SCR has taken this step to arrange special mmts trains. Most of the public transportation and RTC buses will get effected on 8th and 9th of Sept 2014.

These special trains runs between 22:00 hrs of 8th September,2014  and 04:00 hrs o­n 9th September, 2014.

Trains are names starts with letter “G” means Ganesha. The name are

  1. GSH-1 Secunderabad-Hyderabad
  2. GHL-2 Hyderabad-Lingampalli
  3. GLH-3 Lingampalli-Hyderabad
  4. GHS-4 Hyderabad-Secunderabad
  5. GHL-5 Hyderabad – Lingampalli
  6. GLF-6 Lingampalli –Falaknuma
  7. GFS-7 Falaknuma-Secunderabad
  8. GSH-8 Secunderabad-Hyderabad

1. Train No. GSH-1 Secunderabad-Hyderabad MMTS Special will depart Secunderabad at 11:30 pm of 8th September, 2014and arrive Hyderabad at 00:05 am of 9th September, 2014.

2. Train No. GHL-2 Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS Special will depart Hyderabad at 00:30 am on 9th September, 2014and arrive Lingampalli at 01:20 am.

3. Train No. GLH-3 Lingampalli-Hyderabad MMTS Special will depart Lingampalli at 01:50 am on 9th September, 2014 and arrive Hyderabad at 02:40 am.

4. Train No. GHS-4 Hyderabad-Secunderabad MMTS Special will depart Hyderabad at 03:30 am on 9th September, 2014 and arrive Secunderabad at 04:00 am.

5. Train No. GHL-5 Hyderabad – Lingampalli MMTS Special will depart Hyderabad at 11:00 pm on 8th September, 2014 and arrive Lingampalli at 11:50 pm.

6. Train No. GLF-6 Lingampalli –Falaknuma MMTS Special will depart Lingampalli at 00:10 am on 9th September, 2014and arrive Falaknuma at 01:50 am.

7. Train No. GFS-7 Falaknuma-Secunderabad MMTS Special will depart Falaknuma at 02:20 am on 9th September, 2014and arrive Secunderabad at 03:00 am.

8. Train No.GSH-8 Secunderabad-Hyderabad MMTS Special will depart Secunderabad at 04:00 am on 9th September, 2014 and arrive Hyderabad at 04:40 am.

PostHeaderIcon New MMTS Train Timings released and effective from Sept 1,2014

New MMTS Train Timings Released on 28th Aug, 2014

South central railways general manager has released new mmts Pocket time table 2014.  As announced earlier few mmts train timings  will be changed from Monday 01 Sept 2014. Except those few trains rest of the trains runs with the same old timings.

Timings of few mmts trains will be changed from 01 Sept 2014.

Exact changes of timings are not yet revealed but the expected changes in timings for the trains are :

  1. 47154 – Falaknuma to Lingampally to be preponed by 10 to 15 mins.
  2. 47185 – Lingampalli to Falaknuma timings to be changed.

New mmts time table expected to be sale from Tuesday 02 Sept 2014. Hence kindly spread the word and plan your journey accordingly.This time table contains schedules of MMTS / local train services and other useful information such as system map, fare tables, list of colonies near to each MMTS station, tips for safe journey and public awareness campaign material etc. This valuable issue is priced at a nominal Rs.5/-only. The General Manager, SCR expressed hope that  these new time tables will meet the requirement of the public in getting comprehensive information o­n the schedules and other requisite data related to Rail services.

Happy Local Journey..!

PostHeaderIcon Live Tracking for MMTS trains

Most of the MMTS Passengers complain about the delay in MMTS trains and even they can’t be able to enquire about the delay due to heavy rush at the counters.

South Central Railway has set up something new for MMTS Passengers. Its nothing but LED Passenger Information display systems on platforms at all MMTS stations. The system is based on GPS/GPRS live tracking which lets you know about the location of MMTS train so that you can  plan accordingly.

Now you need not go to the Enquiry Counter to know whether your train has left or arrived and on which platform and blahblah…

Presently there are 215 high-definition LED monitors installed on 69 platforms in 26 MMTS stations.

According to SCR, on an average there are around 121 MMTS trains and around 1.5 lakh people travel in these trains daily. Isn’t the figure exciting?

Let us see how the live tracking system works.

A module is inserted in the motor car of each MMTS train and this device encrypts the details such as train number, route and current location etc and transmits to main server. The server sends the information to local server on each platform and which is then send to display systems on the platforms.

These display monitors displays the current location of 3 running trains that are to be arrived or departure from particular station .This information can be seen in three languages Telugu, Hindi, English between 4am to 11:59 pm daily.

Also the auto announcements for MMTS trains are given  5 minutes before and again 2 minutes before the arrival of the train for alerting the passengers.

This helps the passengers to track the status on real-time basis without any confusion.

PostHeaderIcon MMTS Trains Running Today or not

MMTS Trains running normally in spite of the bandh call given by TRS and TJAC. MMTS Services really helpful especially when there is a bandh call. South central railways has declared yesterday that there won’t be any disruption in services tomorrow in view of bandh call.

MMTS Train running status helps many commuters to use the train services effectively.

PostHeaderIcon MMTS – RTC Combined Monthly Pass Fare Increased to Rs. 800

MMTS-RTC Combined Monthly Pass / MMTS RTC Monthly Pass Price increased to Rs.800

In view of the recent RTC bus fare hike, South central railway has increased the Combined MMTS – RTC monthly pass fare from Rs.700 to Rs.800. The new prices will come into effect from today i.e 9th November 2013.

This is again a burden on common man and the MMTS is not going to be the common man’s ride. There is lot to improve on Road connectivity so that the Combined MMTS and RTC pass can be used to an optimum level.

The combined monthly pass fare was increased to Rs. 700 earlier on 15th Oct 2012.

PostHeaderIcon MMTS Train Break Failure at Nampally Railway Station

4 coaches of MMTS train got derailed at Nampally Railway Station

According to sources today morning the driver could not control the MMTS train at Nampally Railway station. Train was coming on second platform and it suddenly went on and halted after a strong hit to the dead end. In this incident driver injured and the engine cabin got damaged due to the hard hit. 4 coaches got derailed but no passenger injured in this incident.

This has happened due to the sudden break failure in MMTS train which is running between Lingampally and Hyderabad. Driver was immediately taken to the Osmania Hospital.

PostHeaderIcon GPRS based Automatic Announcement at all MMTS stations

Got Vexed waiting for MMTS trains at stations? Myself decided not at all to travel in MMTS trains again when I have to catch long distance trains.

Let me share a bitter experience of mine. A couple of weeks back I had to travel from Lingampally to Secunderabad to catch Rajdhani Express. I stood with my huge luggage at the station for half an hour yet there was no announcement .I had waited for next 10 min. Then an announcement stating that train would be 30 mins late. You know there was no proper announcement of delay in train.

I had left with only 1hr of my time to reach destination. No second thought to wait for the train. Immediately I booked a cab and reached my destination on time.

Hope many of you might have the same experience travelling in MMTS train.

Get Relaxed..! A good energy boost to all MMTS passengers. Railways have come up with a new thought of introducing GPRS Automatic Announcement in all trains between Lingampally -Secunderabad-Falaknuma and between BMT-Hyderabad Stations where Borabanda is excluded.

The trail version of GPRS Based Automatic announcement had been launched at Hitech City Station on 3rd October 2013 successfully and it was live on 7th October 2013 between these stations.

A good thing here is that Automatic announcements will be made 2 stations before the actual arrival of train. The catchy is that scrolling of live display gives the information of all MMTS train positions.

MMTS traveler group has also requested the MMTS authorities to provide the following services in addition to the GPRS announcement. These are really essential for people who wait for MMTS trains. It would be really good if the MMTS officials consider the following requests:

  1. Separate announcement should be made for Matruboomi Trains indicating that front 5 coaches will be for Ladies and the rest for General Coaches.
  2. To help passengers track the movement of link train of desired train,GPRS data will be synchronized with Railways’s NTES (
  3. Also to know train running status SMS based facility provided.