PostHeaderIcon CCTV facility in Ladies compartment – MMTS

MMTS has introduced new coaches which are equipped with CCTV security facility in Ladies coaches. All MMTS trains currently running with 9 coaches with a seating capacity of 700 passengers and standing capacity of 2000 passengers. Total 2700 passengers can travel in current 9 coach trains. Keeping in view of the increased demand, MMTS authorities planned to increase 3 more coaches in all the trains.

MMTS has introduced 12 coach trains by adding 3 modern coaches to existing 9 coaches. With the addition of 3 new coaches, the seating capacity increased to 1150 passengers and standing capacity to 4000 passengers. These new coaches designed to get more natural ventilation from the rooftop and better look and feel.

MMTS authorities introduced these 12 coach trains from 1st May 2019.

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