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No more waiting in long queues at railway stations to book MMTS tickets or any other train or platform tickets online. This was developed by Indian Railways to promote cashless economy and improve passenger experience in most crowded railway stations. This App helps to book unreserved train tickets and platform tickets with the help of R-Wallet. You can recharge the wallet with multiples of Rs. 100.

You can download the App from Google Play store and App store by following the link and register with your mobile number. This App requires your current location and restricts you from booking tickets if you are 5 kilometers away from your nearest railway station. Also, you must be at least 28 meters away from the railway track to use the app.

This is very useful for frequent travelers to book platform tickets online and MMTS train tickets online. The only restriction is that you have to be outside of the railway station to book the ticket. Not sure why this restriction but app is very useful to beat the long queues at busy railway stations.

The main challenge is paying for your tickets. Railways have released R-Wallet but it’s not highly reliable and people often complain about payment failures. except that this is a brilliant feature panned by Indian railways and useful for many passengers.

You can use the website to register and recharge your R-Wallet, please use

Though this is an excellent feature, it suffers following challenges:

Need to share your location permission

You must be at least 28 meters away from the railway station or track

You can’t book tickets when you are in a railway station

You must be at least in 5 Kms radius to book tickets

Payment failures and refunds.

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