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In the mid of 2012 MMTS Phase 2 project has been sanctioned by Union and State Government but the work has not yet been started. Probably it may start by April, 2013.

Before going in depth about Phase 2 let us know about MMTS Phase 1 and its Pros and Cons.


Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) Phase 1 has been started 10 years back and running successfully. This phase was completed at a cost of 178 crores and started its operations on August, 9, 2003. It covers a distance of 43 km with 27 stations and connects commuters to Secunderabad, Nampally, Dabirpur, Malakpet, Falaknuma, Madhapur and Lingampally.

Pros :

The MMTS currently serves a daily 1.6 lakh passengers. This is a very good jump from last years 1.2 lakh passengers per day.

Its services increased from 74 per day in 2007 to 121 services in 2011.

Ticket is of reasonable charge.A minimum of Rs.4. and a maximum of Rs.10.


These MMTS trains on many routes are late by at least 30 minutes. In some cases if these are on time at source stations they get delayed at other stations due to lack of signals.

I had a bitter experience last year when I used MMTS as my mode of travel. The train was already late by 10 min to the source station and at many stages due to lack of signal the train stopped. Finally I reaching Secunderabad but I missed my train in 5 min.

Never we should trust MMTS. This is not a problem of mine, its aproblem of every passenger.

Taking these in to consideration the committee planned to start MMTS Phase-2 as MMTS has become general mode of transportation by commuters.


This proposal has come in May 2010 and been approved by the committee in March 2012.This project was planned at an estimation of 632 crores and the committee estimated to complete MMTS Phase 2 project in five years (2012-17). Out of this estimated amount State Government will bear two-thirds of funds and the rest by Indian Railways.

This is a joint venture of Indian Railways and State Government.

The government had announced that it would allocate Rs 25 crore during the financial year 2012-13 out of which the first installment of 6.25 crores has been sanctioned .The central government,through the railway budget,has recently sanctioned Rs 99 crore for the project.

The work has been planned to be done in two stages. Probably it may start by April 2013.






Falaknuma-Umadanagar-Airport 20 km 85 crores new line from Umdanagar to airport and doubling of line from Falaknuma-Umdanagar with electrification
Telapur-Patancheru 9 km 32 crores track restoration and electrification
Secunderabad-Bolarum 14 km 30 crores electrification and remodelling of stations
Sanatnagar-Moula Ali 21 km 170 crores doubling and electrification

Previously till 1995 this Telapur-Patancheru line was used for suburban services.Now it has become unused so changes has to be done near RC Puram to link Patancheru to the main line.






Moula Ali-Malkajgiri-Sitaphalmandi 10 km 25 crores doubling and electrification
Bolarum-Medchal 14 km 74 crores doubling and electrification
Moula Ali-Ghatkesar 14 km 120 crores quadrupling and electrification

“Phase-I has been facing problems with sharing tracks as there are no separate tracks for MMTS. For phase-II, however, new tracks have to be laid and existing tracks changed to electrical lines”, says a Railway official.

Phase-II will integrate with the upcoming Metro at nine junctions. On Metro route-I, it will integrate at Malakpet, Lakdikapul, Khairatabad and Bharat Nagar; on corridor-II at Falaknuma; and on corridor-III at Secunderabad, Begumpet and Nampally.

Despite MMTS being one of the best modes to commute, People face many problems in travelling. Indian Railways has to look in to this issue and make sure that MMTS come on time.

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  • Ram says:

    Excellent writeup, I appreciate the writer for covering in and out of MMTS trains in Hyderabad. Hope to see MMTS Phase II operational Soon.