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SCR Press Release:

This is an emails sent to SCR by M. V. Ramana Murthy (via E-mail). Huge response for SMS based complaints and SCR personal attending the complaints  immediately.

Incident 1:

It happened few months back.  We were travelling and I and my family were waiting in the A/C waiting room at Secunderabad Station. The attached bathroom was not clean and was giving bad smell. Added to this discomfiture, the bathroom door was not closing tight, and I also observed that shutter was not closing tight because of faulty door closer. I complained to the attendant.

I also sent an SMS “The bathroom of A/C waiting room o­n platform No 1 of Secunderabad Station is dirty and stinking. Please arrange cleaning. Also the door is not closing properly”. After few minutes we left the waiting room as our train arrival was announced. Within few minutes I received text reply from Railways,   giving an ID No and that action will be taken. After few hours I received a message that the bathroom has been cleaned. After ten days I received another message that the faulty door has been repaired and thanking me.

Incident 2

Recently o­n 24thOctober I and my wife were travelling by Hyderabad Ajmer Express o­n our Rajasthan trip. Next day morning, I noticed there was no water in the bathroom and the taps are all dry, whereas our journey will continue and we will be reaching our destination (Bhilwara near Ajmer) after another 18 hours. I was worried that it is going to be a miserable time to travel without water. Water or No water, people will continue to use the bathrooms and the stink will become unbearable. I complained to the Conductor. I also sent a SMS “Travelling in the A1 Compartment of Hyderabad Ajmer Express Train No 12720. No water in the bathrooms. Please arrange. Also replace leaking valves else problem repeats.”

Pat came the reply “Your reference id is 1110250019. For status or SMS as STATUS to 8121281212. Thanks for registering complaint”. After about 20 minutes I received message that water will be filled at the nearest Railway station having water filling facility. At Itarsi station water was filled and we had no problem. After about a week I received another message that the faulty valves have been replaced. It was amazing. I am thankful to the Railway authorities for introducing a system where o­ne can complain from a running train and doubly grateful that they have acknowledged the complaint and attended.

I collected this help line number from the Railway waiting room! Many times while travelling by train we are put to unexpected inconvenience, we react by cursing and criticizing. No other response. Of course o­nce we reach our destination we just forget.

There is no use in cursing the darkness around you, do light a candle however small it be, it gives an inspiration and ten more candles will be lit. The process continues reducing the darkness.

The Railway Helpline Number named SMS based Suggestion or Complaint System (SPCSS) to which you can SMS is 8121281212. Please pass o­n this message to your friends and it may help someone in need including you.


All the Railway Passengers are requested to utilise the SMS based Suggestion or Complaint System (SPCSS) Service by sending your Suggestion or Complaint through SMS to 8121281212

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